Arcana Somatica

Arcana Somatica is a 6‑month pro­gram tak­ing you through the entire major arcana in both pic­ture and body. Using the pro­pri­etary Cinesomatic approach, we will use video and move­ment to explore the arche­types of the Tarot unlike any way else. This is an advanced, expe­ri­en­tial trans­for­ma­tive pro­gram for those look­ing to not just learn about sym­bol­ism, but to embody their pow­ers with­in themselves.

Andrew Daniel will lead a small group of aspi­rants online for 6 months in week­ly inten­sive video calls.

AS‑I (Arcana Somatica Level I) will take you through the basic deck, and once com­plet­ed, you will be invit­ed to go through the process again with the advanced deck with deep­er sym­bol­ism in Level II.

Each course is $10,000, and enrolling in both paid up front is $18,000 (save 2000).


Embark on a trans­for­ma­tive odyssey with our ground­break­ing pro­gram, where the fusion of Cinesomatics and Tarot unrav­els the lay­ers of your psy­che for pro­found self-dis­cov­ery. Cinesomatics, a ther­a­peu­tic tech­nol­o­gy, uti­lizes video and move­ment to unveil the hid­den nar­ra­tives embed­ded in your body, cre­at­ing a vis­cer­al explo­ration of your men­tal and emo­tion­al land­scape. Complementing this, Tarot, an ancient div­ina­tion tool, pro­vides arche­typ­al sym­bols that act as mir­rors, reflect­ing the pro­found truths con­cealed within.

Imagine delv­ing into a Cinesomatic ses­sion where the sub­tle nuances of your move­ments reveal deep-seat­ed beliefs or trau­mas. As these rev­e­la­tions unfold, Tarot cards are expert­ly woven into the nar­ra­tive, offer­ing sym­bol­ic insights into the pat­terns that gov­ern your life. For instance, a cin­e­mat­ic explo­ration of a chal­leng­ing mem­o­ry might align with the appear­ance of the Tower card, sig­ni­fy­ing a nec­es­sary dis­man­tling of old struc­tures for growth. This inte­gra­tive approach tran­scends tra­di­tion­al meth­ods, allow­ing par­tic­i­pants to embody trans­for­ma­tive expe­ri­ences that bridge the gap between the con­scious and the sub­con­scious. Join us on this holis­tic jour­ney, where the syn­er­gy of Cinesomatics and Tarot leads to pro­found heal­ing, self-dis­cov­ery, and last­ing transformation.