Arcana Somatica

Arcana Somatica is a 6‑month program taking you through the entire major arcana in both picture and body. Using the proprietary Cinesomatic approach, we will use video and movement to explore the archetypes of the Tarot unlike any way else. This is an advanced, experiential transformative program for those looking to not just learn about symbolism, but to embody their powers within themselves.

Andrew Daniel will lead a small group of aspirants online for 6 months in weekly intensive video calls.

AS‑I (Arcana Somatica Level I) will take you through the basic deck, and once completed, you will be invited to go through the process again with the advanced deck with deeper symbolism in Level II.

Each course is $10,000, and enrolling in both paid up front is $18,000 (save 2000).