Discover Exactly What’s Holding You Back in­ Business, Life, and Relationships in One Call

Private Session — $350

Using Cinesomatics®, this rev­e­la­to­ry 2‑hour video ses­sion offers unprece­dent­ed insights into your unique psy­cho­so­mat­ic landscape.

This is not for dab­blers or the insincere—it’s for those on the high­est path of embod­ied awak­en­ing, who are ready to expe­ri­ence joy, beau­ty, and truth at the deep­est lev­els. This is a proven and acclaimed process that has been the turn­ing point in many peo­ple’s lives.

It is rec­om­mend­ed to read Andrew’s book before your call, and to learn more about Cinesomatics. Schedule your assess­ment using the cal­en­dar below to work with Andrew one-on-one.

Ready for more? Archetype and Couples assess­ments are also avail­able. Please get in touch for more information.

What People Say After Their First Assessment

“Big breakthrough. I got to see ten years of what my life would have looked like collapsed in hours.”

“It’s what a lot of people are looking for and you do an amazing job. Wow.”

“A safe container to experience how unsafe I feel. What you’re offering is really stunning.”

“It’s harder to find teachers to help you get to the next level. You did that. Impressive work.”

“Very helpful. Everything you said makes sense. Very insightful.”

“It was such a new feeling. My body has a new insight. I feel very calm.”

“Wow. This is life-changing work. Everybody needs to experience this.”

“It wasn’t easy at times, but it was amazing. Fun. I already want more!”

“I’d recommend you. You know your s**t.”

“Very revealing. So powerful. Amazing work.”

“You showed me a lot. Wow. It’s going to bring a change in me.”

“Really helpful. It felt really good. I really appreciate it.”

“Wow. Surprising in a lot of ways. Quite a joyful experience.”

“Absolutely helpful, insightful. This has been great.”

“Something I’ve never experienced. I appreciate being shown the truth.”

“Your work is powerful. It seems so simple, but whew …super powerful.”

“Eye-opening. It’s something I’ve never been told before in my entire life.”

“More helpful than I thought it would be. Everything that showed up is the truth.”

“Wow. It’s been so worth it. There’s no question about that.”