Discover Exactly What’s Holding You Back in­ Business, Life, and Relationships in One Call

Private Two-Hour Session — $450

Using Cinesomatics®, this revelatory 2‑hour video session offers unprecedented insights into your unique psychosomatic landscape.

This is not for dabblers or the insincere—it’s an advanced call for those on the highest path of embodied awakening, ready to experience joy, beauty, and truth at the deepest levels. This proven and acclaimed process has been the turning point in hundreds of people’s lives. If you are willing to hear the truth, it will be for you, too, the beginning of a new way of seeing the world.

It is recommended to read Andrew’s book before your call and to learn more about Cinesomatics. Schedule your assessment using the calendar below to work with Andrew one-on-one.

Ready for more? Archetype and Couples assessments are also available, plus in-person Private Intensives and Executive Mentorships. The Embodiment Assessment is a prerequisite for all further one-on-one work with Andrew. This private facilitation is by invitation only and not listed publicly due to the advanced nature of the work and extremely limited availability.

Please get in touch for more information.

What People Say After Their Assessment

“It was so interesting to see myself. The two sides of me were totally not connected. Thank you so much.”

“Pretty eye-opening. Seeing the difference between self-perception and reality. It is a lot. It’s fascinating.”

“I feel such a relief already. A lot better than I did when I first came on here. Yeah, phenomenal.”

“It’s completely different. This is a whole other level. Seeing my hand movements confirmed all of it. I highly recommend it.”

“You were able to know so many things about me with very little information.”

“For intellectuals out there, definitely it’s worth experiencing this. This has been amazing.”

“It was an eye-opener. It was amazing. This is truly the way to becoming the person I want to be.”

“My body is showing me exactly what’s going on in my life. To be able to see that is incredible.”

“Andrew just tells very accurate things immediately. I highly recommend it.”

“I was surprised by how much insight I gained and how my life’s story and suffering showed up in the body.”

“I would definitely recommend it if you are ready to face things that you may be unaware of.”

“It allows me to see myself in areas I’ve never explored. It’s insane. It’s crazy. A little scary how accurate it is.”

“Big breakthrough. I got to see ten years of what my life would have looked like collapsed in hours.”

“It’s what a lot of people are looking for and you do an amazing job. Wow.”

“A safe container to experience how unsafe I feel. What you’re offering is really stunning.”

“It’s harder to find teachers to help you get to the next level. You did that. Impressive work.”

“Very helpful. Everything you said makes sense. Very insightful.”

“It was such a new feeling. My body has a new insight. I feel very calm.”

“Wow. This is life-changing work. Everybody needs to experience this.”

“It wasn’t easy at times, but it was amazing. Fun. I already want more!”

“I’d recommend you. You know your s**t.”

“Very revealing. So powerful. Amazing work.”

“You showed me a lot. Wow. It’s going to bring a change in me.”

“Really helpful. It felt really good. I really appreciate it.”

“Wow. Surprising in a lot of ways. Quite a joyful experience.”

“Absolutely helpful, insightful. This has been great.”

“Something I’ve never experienced. I appreciate being shown the truth.”

“Your work is powerful. It seems so simple, but whew …super powerful.”

“Eye-opening. It’s something I’ve never been told before in my entire life.”

“More helpful than I thought it would be. Everything that showed up is the truth.”

“Wow. It’s been so worth it. There’s no question about that.”

Andrew Provides That Safe Space for Healing

The Embodiment Assessment that Andrew facilitates is brilliant! It provided me with immediate feedback and answers. Andrew helped me recognize the reality of my life. He gently guided me and allowed me to conclude for myself. If you are committed to loving yourself completely, Andrew provides that safe space for healing.

–Dora M.

It Allowed Me to Rediscover Joy in My Daily Life and Regain My Energy

During the first session, I received feedback that I was shaking hands with a sense of obligation. Initially, I thought that since it was something that I was told to do, it was natural to view it as an obligation. However, after the session, I realized that I could actually find joy in shaking hands, which is something I had never considered before. This opened up a new possibility for me; I could find joy in everything I do in my life!

Your session helped me remember how much I used to enjoy my job, cherish my family, home, and cats, and feel passionate about my hobbies. Despite having all these things I desired, over time, everything had become dull and oblig­a­tory, draining my energy and making me long for retirement. It allowed me to rediscover joy in my daily life and regain my energy. Realizing that I didn’t have to confine this sparkling and twirling light of joy, which is my very essence, filled me with excitement and kept me from sleeping for a few days.

Also, the thing that had been bothering me the most recently was my anxiety. I was shocked to learn that the strategy I had been employing, which I had somewhat prided myself on, was actually creating my anxiety. I believed that by not feeling other people’s feelings, I was living life based on my own desires rather than those of others, thus always staying true to myself. However, it became evident that in reality, I was deeply afraid of judgment and rejection, as this strategy prevented me from forming genuine connections with others. I realized that my fear of being judged or excluded compelled me to strive for perfection in my work (even in something as simple as shaking hands), resulting in constant anxiety before starting any task.

This was even more apparent during the archetype session. It became clear that I had been suppressing my true self and that my actions lacked naturalness, creativity, and freedom. All of this stemmed from my fear of being judged by people, which accelerated my avoidance and inability to connect with others. It’s ironic because I believed that I was gaining freedom by not caring about other people’s feelings.

Understanding this underlying whole structure is something that hadn’t emerged in previous somatic sessions I took elsewhere, which focused on smaller aspects without revealing the bigger picture. It seemed endless because I lacked an understanding of this overall structure. Now it has become apparent how this structure influences all of my daily actions. Discovering this influence in each small action doesn’t make me feel good, but it is far better than unconsciously repeating the same patterns and being stuck!

Thank you so much for your accurate and compassionate feedback, and I’m looking forward to seeing you next time.

–Kae M.

Incredibly Glad to Have Taken the Next Steps

It was an enlightening experience with Andrew. We went far deeper than I anticipated in just the first session, coming face to face with things that were incredibly painful and uncomfortable. Fortunately, Andrew provides gentle but assertive guidance through it all, with his ’embodied approach. Very fortunate to have come across his work, and incredibly glad to have taken the next steps to engage with him.

–Dharun Mohan

Helping Me Heal More Than Anything Else I’ve Tried

Thank you again for helping me and for being so kind. I think about my experience doing the embodiment assessment almost every day and experience greater awareness of the narratives that run me daily. This work is really helping me feel more and heal more than anything else I’ve tried. I’m rereading the book right now and seeing all sorts of things I missed the first time around!

–Joy Andrews