Awaken to Your True Self by Andrew Daniel

#1 Amazon International Bestseller

Awaken to Your True Self

Why You’re Still Stuck and How to Break Through

By Andrew Daniel

Gold Nautilus Book Award Recipient

The Nautilus Book Awards are the most prestigious literary awards available for personal growth books. Andrew Daniel’s Awaken to Your True Self won gold in 2022.

Other distinguished recipients include Deepak Chopra, Prince Charles, Desmond Tutu and Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Malala Yousafzai.

The Definitive Guide for
Getting Unstuck & Waking Up

Have you ever wondered, “Why am I still stuck despite all the inner work I’ve done?”

Do you feel trapped repeating the same cycles and stories over and over again, no matter what you heal or fix? Are you looking to learn the truth about who you are beyond your struggle and success? Is there a challenge or plateau you’re trying to overcome that isn’t responding to conventional methods?

Andrew Daniel’s award-winning book, Awaken to Your True Self, is a practical guide on transformation, embodiment, and shadow work. It integrates holistic perspectives from somatic therapy, mindfulness, and spirituality to help you get unstuck. Andrew grounds timeless spiritual truth in approaches and exercises that help where traditional self-help fails. These approaches defy conventional advice—and that’s exactly why they work when nothing else does. If you’re confused and frustrated despite all you know and achieved, or how much you’ve worked on yourself, because you feel like:

  • You should be further along or already past this
  • You could be expressing yourself more fully in life
  • You shouldn’t be repeating the same cycles again and again
  • Your success in relationships, career, health, & spirit should match

Stop and imagine how your life would look in just a year, if today you were able to:

  • Break through that plateau in your sport, art, craft, practice, or meditation
  • Reach your potential and move past career or financial ceilings, and creative blocks
  • Know how to attract the right people or circumstances without second-guessing
  • Relax into the peace and freedom from not having to fix everything about yourself
  • Eliminate anxiety, fear, co-dependency, insecurity and start fully experiencing life

…would you be willing to hear about unconventional solutions that helped thousands of others?

A fraction of what you will learn from each chapter:

  1. How the story you tell yourself keeps you stuck and what you’re missing out on
  2. The most efficient “level” to focus on for change never addressed in self-help
  3. A math formula that reveals why things get worse the harder you try
  4. Why your fast intellect may be slowing you down, and the benefits of intelligence
  5. Common narcissistic traps that keep us from being supported and told the truth
  6. The paradox of why seeking a spiritual path leads to more suffering, not less
  7. The truth about how we get trapped in victim mentality and what to do to heal
  8. What you are secretly avoiding or not allowing that stifles your progress
  9. The solution to addiction, or, why personal development and self-help is failing you
  10. An eternal truth that illuminates the startling connection between all our behaviors
  11. “That wasn’t my intention”—why you keep getting the wrong results from the right actions
  12. How to get feedback from others and the space around you to break-through
  13. How to make sure you’re living for something greater than your ego so you can thrive
  14. Overcome duality and win the war against our darkest and most undesirable parts
  15. The most obvious, simple, yet enigmatic action to take that everyone over-complicates
  16. Learn the secrets of the now and embody a vision that will come true
  17. Discover the somatic solution to being in your head based on Cinesomatics®
  18. What five things we must hold steadfast in our life for success, joy, and healing

If you’re ready to see the truth about why you’re stuck and have an open mind—Awaken to Your True Self is a must-read guide for embodied spiritual awakening. Order this book now and break through today!

Excerpts From the Book

Chapter One

When we keep the past alive by reviving and resurrecting these stories repeatedly, they don’t allow for what-is to be. We only see what is happening now through a lens of past experiences and meanings: a projection of our interpretations of the past onto the present moment. Our stories keep us bound to the past. They prevent us from having a direct experience of the present; they essentially keep us trapped in time. Your attachment to the past—an addiction to your stories—is what’s keeping you stuck and suffering.

Chapter Three

More often than not, they believe they are looking for results when they’re actually looking to validate their stories. The more they focus on their stucky story, the more it becomes the focus. The more they invest in the story and the seeking, the more power they give it. It becomes more about the narrative around finding a solution than actually solving it and finding peace. We naively believe that our addiction to our struggle gives us a higher chance of solving it. You don’t get what you want—you get what you focus on.

Chapter Five

As he seeks to fulfill his needs, the narcissist doesn’t find much use for a person as an actual person because he is unable to empathize, relate, or be intimate with them. But an object can be used: they serve their user, giving them purpose. Everything in the now objectified space is classified as either ‘useful’ or ‘not useful.’ The narcissist does not actually let others meet his needs: he uses other people to fulfill his own needs. The narcissist still has other people in his life to fulfill his needs, but they aren’t the ones to fulfill them—he is.

Chapter Seven

All blame—along with justifying, projecting, and avoidance—keeps us bound to victimhood. These reactive patterns prevent ownership, accountability, and responsibility—which are required to have freedom. This triad is the rectifier of victimhood. They are liberators of the disempowered. Our sense of power is not found in demanding handouts, nor from pity, nor through riots and rage—but in owning our circumstance and taking responsibility and accountability for it. Ending the enabling is loving because that is what liberates.

Chapter Nine

After twelve years at school—feeling hopelessness, despair, confusion, and apathy—I finally had hope. It was the realization that there were things that I could do to change my situation in life. I didn’t have to “just deal with it.” This saved me from suicide by showing me I could save myself—the power of true hope. Nobody else was going to do it for me. I realized that true hope is the recognition that you can save yourself. That you can bring yourself out of your own suffering. From here, I went all-in.

Chapter Eleven

Our dreams require us to betray who we ‘should’ be for who we are to become. It’s self-betrayal to acquiesce to the demands of a dysfunctional relationship. It’s self-betrayal when we abandon ourselves for a lie. Our loyalty must be with truth, not suffering. We can only give when our cup is full. We can only offer to others what we allow for ourselves. We can only truly love others if we have self-love. We can only truly respect others if we have self-respect. We can only truly be generous if we are generous with ourselves.

Chapter Thirteen

As odd as it may sound, both sides of the extremes—selfishness and martyrdom—are making it about themselves. One is making it about rejecting and martyring themselves and feeling undeserving—and the other is about selfishness and unmet needs. The self-centered will keep attempting to fill their void, taking from others—perhaps in hopes that one day they will be filled enough to give. The martyr will over-give and feel drained, justifying with duty, pride, or righteousness, inevitably carrying resentment as their void grows.

Chapter Fifteen

It’s the difference between adding to improve yourself and subtracting to remove detriments. Ending suffering is not about adding pleasure and joy, nor learning ‘to love’ or ‘do happiness’—but in the elimination of what we’ve learned to do that is preventing our innate joy, connection, and love. […] The more you add, the further you get from your True Self. The more you remove what’s not you, the closer you get. This is why stopping is the only way—because it is no longer a doing, but an undoing.

Chapter Seventeen

This book isn’t showing you how to be like me or help mold you into another generic, idolized clone. What you’re learning here is how to be more you than you’ve ever been. You do this not by mimicking, but by doing less and allowing yourself to just be. You’re learning how to show up differently in your body and the world because that’s just who you are—not because you’re running some technique about what successful people do. We are getting you to stop all the insane things people taught you to do to abandon yourself.

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About The Author

Andrew Daniel is an award-winning and international bestselling author and director at the Center for Cinesomatic Development. His Cinesomatics® workshops are held internationally from New York to London, Tuscany to Switzerland—helping professionals see the elusive patterns that hold them back. This methodology leads the world in cinematic movement diagnostics and advanced intuition development integrating approaches from embodiment, shadow work, therapy, and spirituality.

His book, Awaken to Your True Self, is a gold Nautilus Book Awards recipient and #1 Amazon bestseller in the US & UK. In his early career, Andrew coded a particle and physics engine by the age of 18⁠, used by top Fortune 100 companies over the 7 years of his software business. His first teaching work, Holistic Sex (Mindvalley, 2014), provided the world with a new paradigm that bridged the divide between sexuality, spirituality, and the sexes. Andrew is also an advisor for the Alan Watts Organization.