Dr. Karl Wolfe’s
Movement Feedback & Quantum Field Work

You are here because you’ve heard of Dr. Karl Wolfe and are interested in exploring his work on Movement Feedback and the Quantum Field.

My name is Andrew Daniel, the protege of Dr. Wolfe and the founder of Cinesomatics (a continuation of the movement feedback work of Karl Wolfe at the highest levels). I am also the founder of the Karl Wolfe Community and website, maintaining Wolfe’s legacy online.

I worked with Karl in the last 3 years of his life facilitating retreats, classes and workshops plus running the business being entrained in the vibratory levels of his work while having the most direct experience of these teachings (and energies) day-in and out. While it was one of the most challenging years of my life, they were also the most rewarding and life-changing. I owe much to Karl and his generosity and patience this work saved my life.

While Karl cannot and should not be replicated, I have continued the eternal truths he brought forth in my own teachings and trainings. I have also further pioneered his video-movement work at the Center for Cinesomatic Development. Just as Dr. Wolfe was, our trainings are the world leader in cinematic movement diagnostics and graduate-level consciousness studies.

My award-winning book, Awaken to Your True Self, is a great foundation for many of the lessons I learned from Karl and others on my journey. It’s a great place to learn the foundational principles Karl taught, and the first step in beginning this work.

To experience the evolution of Movement Feedback Holography, book an Embodiment Assessment with me and discover the transformative power of Cinesomatics for yourself.