Watch a Cinesomatics Healing Session on Reverse-Wiring, Emotion Throttling, Getting Out of Your Head, Self-Love, Intimacy, and More

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Watch the sec­ond half explor­ing somat­ic arche­types, rela­tion­ships, & embodiment
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Andrew Daniel and his client use movement, video, feeling, and feedback as a part of his Cinesomatics® practice

Is there any­thing in your life where the hard­er you try to do it right, the worse it gets? The more you try to con­nect with some­one, the more you push them away? The more you try to give val­ue to oth­ers, the less peo­ple respect you or want to buy from you? That despite doing all the “right things” you still can’t get the result you know you should be get­ting?

This was the case with Allen, who spent his entire life con­fused and heart­bro­ken — so des­per­ate to con­nect with oth­ers yet unable to do so… cul­mi­nat­ing recent­ly with a divorce. All he want­ed was to be able to con­nect and tru­ly feel, and yet, the more he tried, the less con­nect­ed and more in his head he became.

Where does some­body — espe­cial­ly a mas­cu­line Eastern European man — go to heal deeply and learn how to have real inti­ma­cy? To get the answer to dis­con­nec­tion that nobody before was able to answer? Hint: it’s not pop­u­lar cul­ture, up in the head, or a doc­tor.

In just our third call, Allen was able to see exact­ly what he was doing that pushed oth­ers away — with evi­dence found in the video of his own body. No more guess­ing, no more tri­al and error, no more suf­fer­ing, ask­ing “why?!” A life­long ques­tion — final­ly answered.

…and that was just the first half of this one call.

This kind of break­through is only pos­si­ble using Cinesomatics: a rev­o­lu­tion­ary approach to heal­ing and trans­for­ma­tion that uses video and move­ment to uncov­er the uncon­scious pat­terns that run us. Healing that nor­mal­ly takes years hap­pens here in min­utes, all ground­ed in real­i­ty and tan­gi­ble results.

This was so valu­able that the client gave explic­it per­mis­sion to share the video of his ses­sion to help oth­ers who have strug­gled with sim­i­lar blocks. I’ve facil­i­tat­ed near­ly 700 pri­vate ses­sions with clients over the past few years, yet few get to see what real­ly goes on doing this advanced work.

This video is a tremen­dous gift from my client to be able to share his courage, vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty, and trans­for­ma­tion so our com­mu­ni­ty can learn from it as well.