Participation Agreement for Online or In-Person Private or Group Events and Services

By placing an order or paying on this site or elsewhere, or attending any event, class, or session, you understand and agree to the following:

  1. You are participating and acting of your own free will and are of fit mind and body to do healing work
  2. You are not under the influence of psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs and will attend all sessions sober
  3. You are not going against any caregiver’s orders by participating
  4. You take personal responsibility for your results and actions and understand results are not typical and there are no guarantees
  5. You acknowledge that these methods, ideas, and approaches are not regulated or licensed by any government body and may even contradict currently accepted medical or scientific understandings, and you accept full responsibility knowing these processes and their facilitators are not claiming to be doctors or therapists that diagnose, treat, or cure or offer medical or legal advice
  6. You are aware this work can trigger intense emotions and past trauma and you are willing and able to work with the facilitator’s methods to address what comes up
  7. You acknowledge this is a safe space for freedom of speech. All discourse, no matter how uncomfortable, offensive, or taboo, must be allowed for truth to prevail and participants to heal. Participants cannot receive helpful feedback if they do not allow themselves or others to express fully and get to the bottom of their distortions. This, however, is paired with expert facilitation, trust, respect, consent, and boundaries. Abusive or dangerous behavior will not be tolerated.
  8. You understand that this work exposes and addresses deeply repressed emotional and psychological issues and may be at times uncomfortable, and topics may include mature or traumatic themes
  9. You will monitor your own health and stop immediately if you begin to experience physical pain and are responsible for doing so yourself and notifying a facilitator
  10. You waive the company, location, facilitators, or participants of any liability of injury or duress by participating, and accept the risks of performing physical movements or exploring psychological or emotional topics at any location
  11. You understand that feeling uncomfortable, offended, triggered, etc. are normal and often necessary parts of a healthy healing process and it’s the facilitator’s role to challenge you for your own growth
  12. All sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions
  13. You will not receive credit or refund for time you have missed or choose not to continue with
  14. You are sincere in your intention to show up fully, as participation and following the instructions of the container is expected. Negligence or irresponsible behavior is grounds for termination without refund
  15. If you fail to honor your commitments or respect others, or become a danger to the facilitator or participants you will be asked to leave without refund
  16. If you fail to make payment without resolution, you will not be allowed back to any future events or programs until remedied
  17. You have the right to make a new choice and quit or decide not to participate further, however, no refund will be made
  18. You will be on time and may not be permitted to enter if you are late; you may be denied entry and not refunded
  19. Video and audio is a necessary part of this work and you agree to be recorded at any and all times; this media (excluding private sessions or where explicitly stated) may be used for quality, training, educational, or business purposes; any and all recorded or generated media may be anonymously used, including derivatives such as transcriptions and edits; all media is the sole property of Andrew Daniel and/or Center for Cinesomatic Development, and participants are not entitled to and waive any possible rights or royalties of their use in all forms
  20. You agree that where possible, any audio, text, images, or video provided or generated publicly or privately may be used for repurpose, quotation, testimonial, and educational re-use, and where appropriate, anonymously to protect a person’s identity
  21. You will keep all content of the group and other participants strictly confidential (including, but not limited to, video replays). However, you may share your own experience as long as it does not violate the former
  22. By agreeing to this, you are also bound by the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer