In this dynamic experiential workshop, you will spend two days going through various movements and exercises, exploring your unconscious material through your body, and learning a new way to move in your life. This is the core Cinesomatics (what is it?) workshop, where participants take it often, going deeper and further in their process—no two workshops are the same! Spots are limited so we can keep an intimate, sincere group while ensuring you get direct attention from Andrew. Book now and secure your spot today!

This is an online event through Zoom. Video webcam and microphone are required, plus privacy and space to move for two full days.

The next upcoming workshop dates:

  • Weekend of Apr 15 & 16, 2023

Workshops are 10am-6pm CT. Remember: this is an ONLINE workshop, so you can join from anywhere. You will receive more details in a follow-up email.

One ticket per person. All sales final. Tickets are transferable to future workshops of the same value for up to 6 months, and notice must be given 48 hours before the start of the event or will be considered a "no-show".