Reclamation of Allowing book by Andrew Daniel

Reclamation of Allowing

by Andrew Daniel

Coming Soon

Andrew’s Upcoming Book on Allowing

In this upcom­ing book by Andrew Daniel, you will dis­cov­er how we betray, deny, and avoid what we want and who we are. You’ll dis­cov­er how an avoid­ance of feel­ing is at the root of much of our suf­fer­ing. How we deny what we want and who are in order to val­i­date sto­ries about our­selves that aren’t even true.

You’ll dis­cov­er how we betray the very things that make us, us—and how this desire to be accept­ed keeps us from joy. This book has been post­poned and is cur­rent­ly in pre-development.

About The Author

Andrew Daniel is an award-win­ning and inter­na­tion­al best­selling author and direc­tor at the Center for Cinesomatic Development. His Cinesomatics® work­shops are held inter­na­tion­al­ly from New York to London, Tuscany to Switzerland—helping pro­fes­sion­als see the elu­sive pat­terns that hold them back. This method­ol­o­gy leads the world in cin­e­mat­ic move­ment diag­nos­tics and advanced intu­ition devel­op­ment inte­grat­ing approach­es from embod­i­ment, shad­ow work, ther­a­py, and spirituality.

His book, Awaken to Your True Self, is a gold Nautilus Book Awards recip­i­ent and #1 Amazon best­seller in the US & UK. In his ear­ly career, Andrew cod­ed a par­ti­cle and physics engine by the age of 18⁠, used by top Fortune 100 com­pa­nies over the 7 years of his soft­ware busi­ness. His first teach­ing work, Holistic Sex (Mindvalley, 2014), pro­vid­ed the world with a new par­a­digm that bridged the divide between sex­u­al­i­ty, spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, and the sex­es. Andrew is also an advi­sor for the Alan Watts Organization.