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Embodiment Assessments

Watch what clients had to say after their first assessment with Andrew

“It was so interesting to see myself. The two sides of me were totally not connected. Thank you so much.”

“Pretty eye-opening. Seeing the difference between self-perception and reality. It is a lot. It’s fascinating.”

“I feel such a relief already. A lot better than I did when I first came on here. Yeah, phenomenal.”

“It’s completely different. This is a whole other level. Seeing my hand movements confirmed all of it. I highly recommend it.”

“You were able to know so many things about me with very little information.”

“For intellectuals out there, definitely it’s worth experiencing this. This has been amazing.”

“It was an eye-opener. It was amazing. This is truly the way to becoming the person I want to be.”

“My body is showing me exactly what’s going on in my life. To be able to see that is incredible.”

“Andrew just tells very accurate things immediately. I highly recommend it.”

“I was surprised by how much insight I gained and how my life’s story and suffering showed up in the body.”

“I would definitely recommend it if you are ready to face things that you may be unaware of.”

“It allows me to see myself in areas I’ve never explored. It’s insane. It’s crazy. A little scary how accurate it is.”

“Big breakthrough. I got to see ten years of what my life would have looked like collapsed in hours.”

“It’s what a lot of people are looking for and you do an amazing job. Wow.”

“A safe container to experience how unsafe I feel. What you’re offering is really stunning.”

“It’s harder to find teachers to help you get to the next level. You did that. Impressive work.”

“Very helpful. Everything you said makes sense. Very insightful.”

“It was such a new feeling. My body has a new insight. I feel very calm.”

“Wow. This is life-changing work. Everybody needs to experience this.”

“It wasn’t easy at times, but it was amazing. Fun. I already want more!”

“I’d recommend you. You know your s**t.”

“Very revealing. So powerful. Amazing work.”

“You showed me a lot. Wow. It’s going to bring a change in me.”

“Really helpful. It felt really good. I really appreciate it.”

“Wow. Surprising in a lot of ways. Quite a joyful experience.”

“Absolutely helpful, insightful. This has been great.”

“Something I’ve never experienced. I appreciate being shown the truth.”

“Your work is powerful. It seems so simple, but whew …super powerful.”

“Eye-opening. It’s something I’ve never been told before in my entire life.”

“More helpful than I thought it would be. Everything that showed up is the truth.”

“Wow. It’s been so worth it. There’s no question about that.”

What People Are Saying

Absolutely Priceless

If you want to absolutely fall in love, become absolutely enchanted with your life and with life itself and yourself, then Andrew is absolutely the man for you. He will care for your soul, your individuality, for living up to your full potential, but having fun along the way and that is absolutely priceless to have someone care for you with such selfless abandon as Andrew would. You cannot buy that.

–Catalin Pirvu, Professor

I Have Told So Many People

I vouch for Andrew. He did a session with me that changed my life! Amazing human being!

I have no words for how grateful I am. Thank you for stripping me down to my core and giving me the space to see myself. I really hope we do more work together; I have told so many people about how incredibly talented you are.

–Virginia Salas Kastilio, Forbes/BBC/United Nations

His Material Has Really Transformed My Life

His material has really transformed my life. One thing that really moved me with Andrew was that he speaks from a vulnerable and authentic place. It’s a privilege to recommend him to you, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.

–Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Absolutely Astonishing

Andrew is the real deal. What he does is absolutely astonishing.

–Benedict Beaumont, Breathwork Facilitator

Transformed The Deepest Parts Of My Consciousness

Andrew gave me the life long tools to activate the highest parts of myself that he has the unique gift of seeing in people. He was a consistent mirror of my body language, movements and language, and by doing so helped me transform the way I carry myself and move in the world.

With my willingness to show up and his keen intuition and unique insights, we activated and transformed the deepest parts of my consciousness in ways that have brought opportunities of work, love, adventure, self-care and compassion (all the good stuff) into my life. Prior to working with Andrew I was simply a version of myself. Now I am Me. And without his gift, I would have remained the former.

–A. Kathleen Filbin, Storyteller & Facilitator

I Hope You Never Stop

This has been incredible, Andrew. You’ve changed my life. I hope you never stop coaching.

–Rotana, Award-Winning Saudi Musical Performer

I Knew This Is A Man Who Could Lead

From the moment I met Andrew, I felt his integrity, I felt his passion, I felt his intelligence, and I knew this is a man who could lead the next generation of people… and not from a place of ego gratification or trying to better, but from a genuine place of love and desire to serve. If there’s anyone I’d recommend going on this journey with, it would definitely be Andrew.

–Layla Martin, Sex Educator & Coach

You Have Made A Huge Positive Impact

I am so so so grateful for the work we have done, and the tools you have given me. Again, I can’t express enough the amount of gifts you’ve given me. You have made a huge positive impact on my life.

–Alissa Hansen, Model & Poet

One Of The Turning Points In My Life

I’m having best sex my entire life. I’ve published a book. I rebranded and relaunched my company. I feel more content and more in line and more in love with myself than I ever have in my entire life. […] If I was paying millions of dollars a month for coaching from Andrew, it still wouldn’t be enough.

I’ve done personal development and spiritual work for the past like four or five years in my life very intensely. […] Within three months of working with Andrew I felt like it’s been like 10 years of work.

It’s just so insanely powerful, I’d recommend it hands down. Whatever the investment is you have to make, it will level up every single f**king part of your life. I consider it one of the turning points in my life. Thanks Andrew.

–Kevin Wood, Author of The Inward Revolution Manifesto

It’s Very Rare

It’s very rare that an author, speaker or coach will come out publicly and share [their struggles] while they’re going through it. […] You rock. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing all your beautiful insights and wisdom with my followers and listeners of the show. You are amazing, I hope they all connect with you.

–Maddy Moon, Podcast Host & Coach

You’ve Changed Me Permanently

I was laying in a bath having a moment of me time and self love that I allow deeper since working with you yesterday and was thinking about how different I feel after working with you for the past three months. How more dropped in, present and in my body I am. How much more confident I am speaking in front of a group of people. You’ve changed me permanently.

–Janne Robinson, Author & Entrepreneur

Helping Me Heal More Than Anything Else I’ve Tried

Thank you again for helping me and for being so kind. I think about my experience doing the embodiment assessment almost every day and experience greater awareness of the narratives that run me daily. This work is really helping me feel more and heal more than anything else I’ve tried. I’m rereading the book right now and seeing all sorts of things I missed the first time around!

–Joy Andrews

Nothing Shy Of Amazing

I absolutely love this vulnerable work Andrew has created. Having gone through the 30-day free program, The Process, I wanted more. I wanted more insights, more inspiration, more of what Andrew had to say. I wanted to hear more of the things most coaches and people are not talking about. I am learning to flow with life, instead of pushing against it. I feel more encouraged, grounded and centered with all my day requires of me when I make time to listen.

Andrew’s ability to hold space for the attendees at his events, is nothing shy of amazing. Intense and fun, just how I like them. Highly recommend.

–Joni Abbott, Mother & Radio Host

I’ll Be Forever Grateful

Andrew, I love you so much—thank you for showing me what it means to give love freely without an expectation for anything in return. The way you’ve held me accountable to my truth, held me accountable to my intentions, and held me accountable for being my best self in the world, is something I’ll be forever grateful for.

Any client that would work with you would be so, so ridiculously lucky to have someone like you rooting for them and bringing them home to their truth. So thank you for the work you do in the world, and I am so grateful to know you.

–Catherine Danieli, Relationship Coach

I Would Pay Thousands of Dollars

I just spent the day with Andrew and he changed my life completely. I had no idea there was things from my childhood affecting me. I would pay thousands of dollars just to be with him in his company. This is the beginning and I already feel the difference.

–M. K., Entrepreneur & Model

Helped Me Explore My Addiction To Suffering

Your helping me see how I’ve been conning and deceiving myself and how the energy pattern relates to everything was so beneficial. Your honesty and humbleness and sincerity was so appreciated. Not only did you gently call me out on my incongruent energies, you were willing to share your own stories and how you could relate. This helped me explore my addiction to suffering and keep loving myself through it while sitting with the pain instead of trying to fix or heal it in some way. Thank you.

–Mischel LeeBoyd, Intuitive

You’re Going To Get Tremendous Value Out Of It

Andrew is a man who is really living this path; he really takes this on as his sense of spiritual purpose. He brings a strong and important voice, and I have no doubt that if you dive into his work, you’re going to get tremendous value out of it.

–Destin Gerek, Men’s Coach

Andrew Provides That Safe Space for Healing

The Embodiment Assessment that Andrew facilitates is brilliant! It provided me with immediate feedback and answers. Andrew helped me recognize the reality of my life. He gently guided me and allowed me to conclude for myself. If you are committed to loving yourself completely, Andrew provides that safe space for healing.

–Dora M.

It Allowed Me to Rediscover Joy in My Daily Life and Regain My Energy

During the first session, I received feedback that I was shaking hands with a sense of obligation. Initially, I thought that since it was something that I was told to do, it was natural to view it as an obligation. However, after the session, I realized that I could actually find joy in shaking hands, which is something I had never considered before. This opened up a new possibility for me; I could find joy in everything I do in my life!