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Embodiment Assessments

Watch what clients had to say after their first assessment with Andrew

“I recommend it to every senator, congressman, to the White House staff, and the chief executive himself.”

“It was intense… I’m still shocked about that. It’s mindblowing, I got a lot from it. I’m excited about this.”

“I came away feeling you really understand. It’s effective. It’s immediate. I found it extremely revealing.”

“In that one-minute section, I could see years of my life being played out. My whole life came into focus.”

“This is the path. In these two meetings, I’ve had more breakthroughs than I’ve had in a year of therapy.”

“It was so interesting to see myself. The two sides of me were totally not connected. Thank you so much.”

“Pretty eye-opening. Seeing the difference between self-perception and reality. It is a lot. It’s fascinating.”

“I feel such a relief already. A lot better than I did when I first came on here. Yeah, phenomenal.”

“It’s completely different. This is a whole other level. Seeing my hand movements confirmed all of it. I highly recommend it.”

“You were able to know so many things about me with very little information.”

“For intellectuals out there, definitely it’s worth experiencing this. This has been amazing.”

“It was an eye-opener. It was amazing. This is truly the way to becoming the person I want to be.”

“My body is showing me exactly what’s going on in my life. To be able to see that is incredible.”

“Andrew just tells very accurate things immediately. I highly recommend it.”

“I was surprised by how much insight I gained and how my life’s story and suffering showed up in the body.”

“I would definitely recommend it if you are ready to face things that you may be unaware of.”

“It allows me to see myself in areas I’ve never explored. It’s insane. It’s crazy. A little scary how accurate it is.”

“Big breakthrough. I got to see ten years of what my life would have looked like collapsed in hours.”

“It’s what a lot of people are looking for and you do an amazing job. Wow.”

“A safe container to experience how unsafe I feel. What you’re offering is really stunning.”

“It’s harder to find teachers to help you get to the next level. You did that. Impressive work.”

“Very helpful. Everything you said makes sense. Very insightful.”

“It was such a new feeling. My body has a new insight. I feel very calm.”

“Wow. This is life-changing work. Everybody needs to experience this.”

“It wasn’t easy at times, but it was amazing. Fun. I already want more!”

“I’d recommend you. You know your s**t.”

“Very revealing. So powerful. Amazing work.”

“You showed me a lot. Wow. It’s going to bring a change in me.”

“Really helpful. It felt really good. I really appreciate it.”

“Wow. Surprising in a lot of ways. Quite a joyful experience.”

“Absolutely helpful, insightful. This has been great.”

“Something I’ve never experienced. I appreciate being shown the truth.”

“Your work is powerful. It seems so simple, but whew …super powerful.”

“Eye-opening. It’s something I’ve never been told before in my entire life.”

“More helpful than I thought it would be. Everything that showed up is the truth.”

“Wow. It’s been so worth it. There’s no question about that.”

What People Are Saying

Absolutely Priceless

“If you want to absolute­ly fall in love, become absolute­ly enchant­ed with your life and with life itself and your­self, then Andrew is absolute­ly the man for you. He will care for your soul, your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, for liv­ing up to your full poten­tial, but hav­ing fun along the way — and that is absolute­ly price­less to have some­one care for you with such self­less aban­don as Andrew would. You can­not buy that.”

–Catalin Pirvu, Professor

I Have Told So Many People

“I vouch for Andrew. He did a ses­sion with me that changed my life! Amazing human being!”

“I have no words for how grate­ful I am. Thank you for strip­ping me down to my core and giv­ing me the space to see myself. I real­ly hope we do more work togeth­er; I have told so many peo­ple about how incred­i­bly tal­ent­ed you are.”

–Virginia Salas Kastilio, Forbes/BBC/United Nations

His Material Has Really Transformed My Life

“His mate­r­i­al has real­ly trans­formed my life. One thing that real­ly moved me with Andrew was that he speaks from a vul­ner­a­ble and authen­tic place. It’s a priv­i­lege to rec­om­mend him to you, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I have.”

–Dr. Joseph Barsuglia, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist

Absolutely Astonishing

“Andrew is the real deal. What he does is absolute­ly astonishing.”

–Benedict Beaumont, Breathwork Facilitator

Transformed The Deepest Parts Of My Consciousness

“Andrew gave me the life long tools to acti­vate the high­est parts of myself that he has the unique gift of see­ing in peo­ple. He was a con­sis­tent mir­ror of my body lan­guage, move­ments and lan­guage, and by doing so helped me trans­form the way I car­ry myself and move in the world.

With my will­ing­ness to show up and his keen intu­ition and unique insights, we acti­vat­ed and trans­formed the deep­est parts of my con­scious­ness in ways that have brought oppor­tu­ni­ties of work, love, adven­ture, self-care and com­pas­sion (all the good stuff) into my life. Prior to work­ing with Andrew I was sim­ply a ver­sion of myself. Now I am Me. And with­out his gift, I would have remained the former.”

–A. Kathleen Filbin, Storyteller & Facilitator

I Hope You Never Stop

“This has been incred­i­ble, Andrew. You’ve changed my life. I hope you nev­er stop coaching.”

–Rotana, Award-Winning Saudi Musical Performer

I Knew This Is A Man Who Could Lead

“From the moment I met Andrew, I felt his integri­ty, I felt his pas­sion, I felt his intel­li­gence, and I knew this is a man who could lead the next gen­er­a­tion of peo­ple… and not from a place of ego grat­i­fi­ca­tion or try­ing to bet­ter, but from a gen­uine place of love and desire to serve. If there’s any­one I’d rec­om­mend going on this jour­ney with, it would def­i­nite­ly be Andrew.”

–Layla Martin, Sex Educator & Coach

You Have Made A Huge Positive Impact

“I am so so so grate­ful for the work we have done, and the tools you have giv­en me. Again, I can’t express enough the amount of gifts you’ve giv­en me. You have made a huge pos­i­tive impact on my life.”

–Alissa Hansen, Model & Poet

One Of The Turning Points In My Life

“I’m hav­ing best sex my entire life. I’ve pub­lished a book. I rebrand­ed and relaunched my com­pa­ny. I feel more con­tent and more in line and more in love with myself than I ever have in my entire life. […] If I was pay­ing mil­lions of dol­lars a month for coach­ing from Andrew, it still would­n’t be enough.

I’ve done per­son­al devel­op­ment and spir­i­tu­al work for the past like four or five years in my life very intense­ly. […] Within three months of work­ing with Andrew I felt like it’s been like 10 years of work.

It’s just so insane­ly pow­er­ful, I’d rec­om­mend it hands down. Whatever the invest­ment is you have to make, it will lev­el up every sin­gle f**king part of your life. I con­sid­er it one of the turn­ing points in my life. Thanks Andrew.”

–Kevin Wood, Author of ‘The Inward Revolution Manifesto’

It’s Very Rare

“It’s very rare that an author, speak­er or coach will come out pub­licly and share [their strug­gles] while they’re going through it. […] You rock. Thank you so much for com­ing on and shar­ing all your beau­ti­ful insights and wis­dom with my fol­low­ers and lis­ten­ers of the show. You are amaz­ing, I hope they all con­nect with you.”

–Maddy Moon, Podcast Host & Coach

You’ve Changed Me Permanently

“I was lay­ing in a bath hav­ing a moment of me time and self love that I allow deep­er since work­ing with you yes­ter­day and was think­ing about how dif­fer­ent I feel after work­ing with you for the past three months. How more dropped in, present and in my body I am. How much more con­fi­dent I am speak­ing in front of a group of peo­ple. You’ve changed me permanently.”

–Janne Robinson, Author & Entrepreneur

Helping Me Heal More Than Anything Else I’ve Tried

“Thank you again for help­ing me and for being so kind. I think about my expe­ri­ence doing the embod­i­ment assess­ment almost every day and expe­ri­ence greater aware­ness of the nar­ra­tives that run me dai­ly. This work is real­ly help­ing me feel more and heal more than any­thing else I’ve tried. I’m reread­ing the book right now and see­ing all sorts of things I missed the first time around!”

–Joy Andrews

Nothing Shy Of Amazing

“I absolute­ly love this vul­ner­a­ble work Andrew has cre­at­ed. Having gone through the 30-day free pro­gram, The Process, I want­ed more. I want­ed more insights, more inspi­ra­tion, more of what Andrew had to say. I want­ed to hear more of the things most ‘coach­es’ and peo­ple are not talk­ing about. I am learn­ing to flow with life, instead of push­ing against it. I feel more encour­aged, ground­ed and cen­tered with all my day requires of me when I make time to listen.

Andrew’s abil­i­ty to hold space for the atten­dees at his events, is noth­ing shy of amaz­ing. Intense and fun, just how I like them. Highly recommend.”

–Joni Abbott, Mother & Radio Host

I’ll Be Forever Grateful

“Andrew, I love you so much—thank you for show­ing me what it means to give love freely with­out an expec­ta­tion for any­thing in return. The way you’ve held me account­able to my truth, held me account­able to my inten­tions, and held me account­able for being my best self in the world, is some­thing I’ll be for­ev­er grate­ful for.

Any client that would work with you would be so, so ridicu­lous­ly lucky to have some­one like you root­ing for them and bring­ing them home to their truth. So thank you for the work you do in the world, and I am so grate­ful to know you.”

–Catherine Danieli, Relationship Coach

I Would Pay Thousands of Dollars

“I just spent the day with Andrew and he changed my life com­plete­ly. I had no idea there was things from my child­hood affect­ing me. I would pay thou­sands of dol­lars just to be with him in his com­pa­ny. This is the begin­ning and I already feel the difference.”

–M. K., Entrepreneur & Model

Helped Me Explore My Addiction To Suffering

“Your help­ing me see how I’ve been con­ning and deceiv­ing myself and how the ener­gy pat­tern relates to every­thing was so ben­e­fi­cial. Your hon­esty and hum­ble­ness and sin­cer­i­ty was so appre­ci­at­ed. Not only did you gen­tly call me out on my incon­gru­ent ener­gies, you were will­ing to share your own sto­ries and how you could relate. This helped me explore my addic­tion to suf­fer­ing and keep lov­ing myself through it while sit­ting with the pain instead of try­ing to fix or heal it in some way. Thank you.”

–Mischel LeeBoyd, Intuitive

You’re Going To Get Tremendous Value Out Of It

“Andrew is a man who is real­ly liv­ing this path; he real­ly takes this on as his sense of spir­i­tu­al pur­pose. He brings a strong and impor­tant voice, and I have no doubt that if you dive into his work, you’re going to get tremen­dous val­ue out of it.”

–Destin Gerek, Men’s Coach

Andrew Provides That Safe Space for Healing

“The Embodiment Assessment that Andrew facil­i­tates is bril­liant! It pro­vid­ed me with imme­di­ate feed­back and answers. Andrew helped me rec­og­nize the real­i­ty of my life. He gen­tly guid­ed me and allowed me to con­clude for myself. If you are com­mit­ted to lov­ing your­self com­plete­ly, Andrew pro­vides that safe space for healing.”

–Dora M.

It Allowed Me to Rediscover Joy in My Daily Life and Regain My Energy

“During the first ses­sion, I received feed­back that I was “shak­ing hands” with a sense of oblig­a­tion. Initially, I thought that since it was some­thing that I was told to do, it was nat­ur­al to view it as an oblig­a­tion. However, after the ses­sion, I real­ized that I could actu­al­ly find joy in shak­ing hands, which is some­thing I had nev­er con­sid­ered before. This opened up a new pos­si­bil­i­ty for me; I could find joy in every­thing I do in my life!

Your ses­sion helped me remem­ber how much I used to enjoy my job, cher­ish my fam­i­ly, home, and cats, and feel pas­sion­ate about my hob­bies. Despite hav­ing all these things I desired, over time, every­thing had become dull and oblig­a­tory, drain­ing my ener­gy and mak­ing me long for retire­ment. It allowed me to redis­cov­er joy in my dai­ly life and regain my ener­gy. Realizing that I did­n’t have to con­fine this sparkling and twirling light of joy, which is my very essence, filled me with excite­ment and kept me from sleep­ing for a few days.

Also, the thing that had been both­er­ing me the most recent­ly was my anx­i­ety. I was shocked to learn that the strat­e­gy I had been employ­ing, which I had some­what prid­ed myself on, was actu­al­ly cre­at­ing my anx­i­ety. I believed that by not feel­ing oth­er peo­ple’s feel­ings, I was liv­ing life based on my own desires rather than those of oth­ers, thus always stay­ing true to myself. However, it became evi­dent that in real­i­ty, I was deeply afraid of judg­ment and rejec­tion, as this strat­e­gy pre­vent­ed me from form­ing gen­uine con­nec­tions with oth­ers. I real­ized that my fear of being judged or exclud­ed com­pelled me to strive for per­fec­tion in my work (even in some­thing as sim­ple as shak­ing hands), result­ing in con­stant anx­i­ety before start­ing any task.

This was even more appar­ent dur­ing the arche­type ses­sion. It became clear that I had been sup­press­ing my true self and that my actions lacked nat­u­ral­ness, cre­ativ­i­ty, and free­dom. All of this stemmed from my fear of being judged by peo­ple, which accel­er­at­ed my avoid­ance and inabil­i­ty to con­nect with oth­ers. It’s iron­ic because I believed that I was gain­ing free­dom by not car­ing about oth­er peo­ple’s feelings.

Understanding this under­ly­ing whole struc­ture is some­thing that had­n’t emerged in pre­vi­ous somat­ic ses­sions I took else­where, which focused on small­er aspects with­out reveal­ing the big­ger pic­ture. It seemed end­less because I lacked an under­stand­ing of this over­all struc­ture. Now it has become appar­ent how this struc­ture influ­ences all of my dai­ly actions. Discovering this influ­ence in each small action does­n’t make me feel good, but it is far bet­ter than uncon­scious­ly repeat­ing the same pat­terns and being stuck!

Thank you so much for your accu­rate and com­pas­sion­ate feed­back, and I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing you next time.”

–Kae M.

Incredibly Glad to Have Taken the Next Steps

“It was an enlight­en­ing expe­ri­ence with Andrew. We went far deep­er than I antic­i­pat­ed in just the first ses­sion, com­ing face to face with things that were incred­i­bly painful and uncom­fort­able. Fortunately, Andrew pro­vides gen­tle but assertive guid­ance through it all, with his ’embod­ied’ approach. Very for­tu­nate to have come across his work, and incred­i­bly glad to have tak­en the next steps to engage with him.”

–Dharun Mohan

Follow People Like Andrew

“It is my opin­ion I’m watch­ing a future best-sell­ing author and spir­i­tu­al teacher. My [gen­er­a­tion] fol­lows peo­ple like Chopra, Dyer, Ruiz, and Tolle. Yours may very well fol­low [peo­ple] like Andrew. He appears not just moti­vat­ed or inspired, but dri­ven to define him­self ful­ly on Earth.”

–Don Woodruff, Author of ‘The Kangaroo Method’

It’s Not A Boxed-Thing—It’s Incredible

“I real­ly appre­ci­at­ed Andrew’s abil­i­ty to see what I was pre­sent­ing in a way that was real­ly hon­est, and cut-through and cut-behind my defens­es and ten­den­cy to try and hide. He called me out on some things with­out being harsh or judgmental.”

“Thank you for just doing this [work­shop]. I need that feed­back, that insight, your expe­ri­ence. I could feel it’s per­son­al­ized, you focus on what would work for ME, it’s not a boxed-thing. It’s incred­i­ble. No com­plaints. It’s been real­ly good.”

–Nancy S.

Tripled The Valuation Of My Business

“In the midst of sell­ing my start­up com­pa­ny, I had doubts of its (and my own) val­ue and was faced against my own shad­ow. After just one ses­sion, Andrew helped me triple the val­u­a­tion of my busi­ness at an addi­tion­al $200,000.

Words can­not express how grate­ful I am for you in my life.

Whatever invest­ment it takes to work with you, is beyond worth it.”

–Nicola G., Health Pioneer

Andrew Made Me Feel Really Safe, Understood, Empowered

“I can only begin to describe to you how deeply heal­ing it was to be wit­nessed, sup­port­ed and guid­ance through this with him. Andrew made me feel real­ly safe, under­stood, empow­ered and held the space so beau­ti­ful­ly for me to do this work for myself. Everything he said was gen­tle but pow­er­ful and lasered straight to the heart of the matter.

But just as impact­ful for me was hav­ing this man see me so clear­ly with so much care, hear­ing all my fucked-up messi­ness with­out even a twinge of judg­ment, or reproach enters the space and being able to reach in com­pas­sion­ate­ly and open the door out of the pain and into my true self. As a per­son that has had the expe­ri­ence of being ter­ror­ized by the mas­cu­line, I think this was an essen­tial part of my heal­ing and part of why Spirit sent me to him.

I still felt a lit­tle scared but noth­ing seemed unman­age­able any­more. He helped me pin­point exact­ly what was keep­ing me locked in this painful cut­off pat­tern of self-denial and dis­own­ing of my sex­u­al self. As we talked tears flowed silent­ly as I saw how this was affect­ing every area of my life includ­ing my busi­ness and my work. I felt deeply shak­en, but in a good way with the light, col­ors, and life com­ing back to me.

Together we devised a plan for me to dive deep­er into this heal­ing on my own. The heal­ing was intense and strong. I dove deep, sobbed, danced and for­gave. I was able to release thick dense balls of old shame, fear, and guilt. I let go of so much sad­ness and pain.

I felt light, hap­py and free. A slow, sen­su­al smile spread across my face and I just enjoyed feel­ing safe and ground­ed in my body, in my sex­u­al­i­ty and in the whole­ness of my truth and beauty.”

–U. L., Branding Consultant

Note: Andrew went by “Drew” and tes­ti­mo­ni­als may have been updat­ed to reflect that.