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Andrew Daniel and his client use movement, video, feeling, and feedback as a part of his Cinesomatics® practice

Is there anything in your life where the harder you try to do it right, the worse it gets? The more you try to connect with someone, the more you push them away? The more you try to give value to others, the less people respect you or want to buy from you? That despite doing all the right things you still can’t get the result you know you should be getting?

This was the case with Allen, who spent his entire life confused and heartbroken so desperate to connect with others yet unable to do so… culminating recently with a divorce. All he wanted was to be able to connect and truly feel, and yet, the more he tried, the less connected and more in his head he became.

Where does somebody especially a masculine Eastern European man go to heal deeply and learn how to have real intimacy? To get the answer to disconnection that nobody before was able to answer? Hint: it’s not popular culture, up in the head, or a doctor.

In just our third call, Allen was able to see exactly what he was doing that pushed others away with evidence found in the video of his own body. No more guessing, no more trial and error, no more suffering, asking why?! A lifelong question finally answered.

…and that was just the first half of this one call.

This kind of breakthrough is only possible using Cinesomatics: a revolutionary approach to healing and transformation that uses video and movement to uncover the unconscious patterns that run us. Healing that normally takes years happens here in minutes, all grounded in reality and tangible results.

This was so valuable that the client gave explicit permission to share the video of his session to help others who have struggled with similar blocks. I’ve facilitated nearly 700 private sessions with clients over the past few years, yet few get to see what really goes on doing this advanced work.

This video is a tremendous gift from my client to be able to share his courage, vulnerability, and transformation so our community can learn from it as well.